Past Events
Tachartasan a tha Seachad

 06 September 2023 - Amy Henderson & Dagger Gordon | Ruairidh Gollan & Calum McIlroy

A concert of fab tunes and songs from two local duos.  On this beautiful, warm, September evening the club was full, and we were treated to traditional and contemporary songs and tunes played on accordion, bouzouki, mandolin (x2), and guitar.   Bliss! 

 2 August 2023 - Corralach & Hamish MacDonald

Another full house with local acts Corralach (George Livingstone & Tony Perridge) and Hamish MacDonald.  Floor spot was Lewis Stevenson.  The night was full of song and banter from the Scots traditions and new material.  So wonderful to have these local singers with us.  

05 July 2023 - Rebecca Hill & Charlie Stewart

A truly mesmerising evening of traditional and contemporary music by the stunning duo of Rebecca Hill and Charlie Stewart.  The event was sold out and the duo had the whole audience entranced with their music.  Brian Ó  hEadhra & Fionnag NicChoinnich sang a few Gaelic songs as a floor-spot.  Charlie and Rebecca joined in.  

07 June 2023 - Calum Alex Macmillan with Ross Martin

A full house with many Gàidhlig speakers, singers, and musician in the audience.  Andrew Haycock who is living in Dingwall did the opening slot with finger picking guitar.  We had a surprise guest with the famous Gaelic singer Griogair Labhruidh who agreed to sing two beautiful songs for us.  Calum Alex and Ross were on great form and played a stunning set of songs and tunes from the Gaelic/Highland tradition.  

03 May 2023 - Dorec-a-bell

The Inverness Acoustic Music Club was packed on Wednesday 03 May for a special performance by the trio Dorec-a-belle (normally a 5 piece). The band, made up of Maryann Frew, Bev Fraser, and Liza Mulholland, played a set of beautiful songs, both newly composed and some covers, with three-part harmony and guitar, accordion, and saxophone.

The crowd was immediately captivated by Dorec-a-belle's warm and inviting sound. The band's harmonies were pitch-perfect, and their instrumental playing was tight and polished. They played a wide variety of songs, from folk tunes to contemporary covers. 

There were two guest floor spots, songwriters Chris Roberts and Dougie Burns. Both Roberts and Burns are talented songwriters with a gift for melody and lyrics. Their songs were well-received by the crowd, and they added to the overall sense of celebration that filled the room.

Dorec-a-belle put on a truly memorable performance at the Inverness Acoustic Music Club. Their music was beautiful, their harmonies were perfect, and their energy was infectious. The crowd was clearly moved by their performance.

5 April 2023 - Katie MacFarlane & Pablo Lafuente

3 March 2023  - Brian Ó hEadhra & Fionnag NicChoinnich & Guests (Inaugural Club Night Fundraiser) 


Ró Ó hEadhra, Fionnag NicChoinnich, Brian Ó hEadhra